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Our Mission

We are fighting food waste throughout Africa by preserving fresh produce naturally into tasty, nutritious and affordable foods for all, right at the source.

Our Impact

Affordable nutritious food for all

We preserve 100% field-fresh produce to create healthy, affordable food that fits in people's everyday lives. Our products have an ambient shelf life of up to two years and are rich in essential nutrients and natural taste.

Reduced food loss and climate footprint

We revolutionise the supply chain by saving fresh produce, which otherwise would have gone to waste. Drying right at the source creates more effective transport and warehousing by 70%, and lowers our climate footprint.

Improved income for small-scale farmer communities

We increase income of farmer communities by providing a scalable system that minimises post-harvest losses and adds value at the source. We guarantee steady demand and team up with our partners to train farmers in sustainable agricultural practices.

Our Products

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Preserving Natural Goodness

Like no other preservation method, NatureLock gently processes 100% field-fresh produce into affordable nutritious products. While we gently dehydrate produce, special unique ingredient properties protect the finished products from oxygen. This retains sensitive essential nutrients, natural colours and aromas for up to two years. The products stay 100% natural and are free from preseveratives/additives. NatureLock keeps all natural goodness locked in!

Creating these benefits:

Digestion and Satiation

Our products are rich in fibre. Good for healthy digestion and giving you a feeling of satiation. Eat NatureLock products and say goodbye to snack cravings.

Immunity Booster

Our products are rich in daily essential nutrients. Gently processed, they burst with natural vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibres which you need to stay strong and healthy.

Mental Health

Nutritious food which is rich in fibre creates a healthy gut, which enables a healthy mind. With our easy to prepare 100% natural products you can focus better on what matters in life.

Our Partners