We retain all natural goodness of the tastiest fresh produce to create homely dishes that are ready to eat.



StewsDay™ stew is made with 100% field-fresh vegetables. Gently dried to maximise fresh taste and retain micronutrients. Ndengu stew is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, folate, iron , zinc, magnesium and contains no additives/preservatives.

StewsDay™ stew is particularly high in fibres, which supports a healthy gut.

1 portion = a serving of ca. 200 ml

Ready in just 3 minutes

Add a cup of hot water (150 ml).


Wait for 3 minutes.


Serving suggestions

Enjoy StewsDay™ Ndengu as a rich meal at home together with chapati, rice, meat or a favourite extra ingredient for a personal touch or enjoy it as a snack on the go.


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COMING SOON: StewsDay street-food carts

With the StewsDay street food cart programme we aim to increase the accessibility of our instant stews in people’s everyday lives, while creating sustainable jobs for entrepreneurial women.

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